Welcome To Rising Star

The motto of the Rising Star school in Siwani, Haryana is to provide an ambience and atmosphere appropriate to the young kids and an individualistic approach.

Welcome to Our School

As the best play school in Siwani, the Rising Star Haryana branch has brought in a new perspective to the kindergarten teaching. Our main ethos is to provide the highest quality of child at the day care centres in a safe & loving environment based on our fundamentals of 3Es..Enquire, Explore & Experiment. Our play school and pre school in Hissar promotes learning programs primarily through music, art, drama, dance, puppet show, field trips, Indoor and outdoor activities and adventure.

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First Smart class for your child

What I see is what I learn well and retain – this is the philosophy behind introducing smart class digital learning for students at Rising Star.

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First VR for your child

VR technology is an interactive & realistic method in pedagogy which is now trending worldwide. VR at Rising Star has arrived with a boom.

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Creative Lesson

Here are some wonderful creative writing activities for making the process fun and . Skills Lessons—Teach writer's craft elements in chunks and focus on specific .

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Yoga Class

When your students are are searching and filtering for the class they .. some fun and easy ways to add a little sizzle to your yoga class titles.

How To Enroll Your Child In A class ?

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