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The central and state government have made considerable effort to enhance the skill of the youth there continues to be a huge gap between the demand  and supply of the skilled workforce. This is magnified by the fact that with a population of a billion plus people and majority.
In the average of 25 years nearly 300 million people are underemployed or unemployed. On the other side industries in acute shortage of skilled labour. This clearly highlights that most of our population is under skilled and therefore unemployable.
The GRAMIN COMPUTER EDUCATIN MISSION (GCEM) has been established with a primary objective to enhance skills of the youth of india to meet the growing demands of modern industrialization in india. GCEM is starting today to be a part of changing face of tomorrow, to build a locally employable, nationally demanded and globally prepared workforce

No program of action succeeds unless it has a vision, will, with all infrastructural facilities and other quality inputs to transcribe its objectives into reality. GCEM has the vision, the will and the infrastructural facilities and other quality inputs to transcribe its dream into reality. GCEM with all its conviction sharpen the analytical skill and mould our students into rational thinkers and turned them into skilled workforce

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders - study centres, management, faculty, students and supporters - for their interest and participation in this mission.

My best wishes always with you

Director - Er. Vikas kamiya

Contact Number - 9468132678 , 9518818682

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