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With a sense of pride and priviledge I would like bring to the knowledge of all our stakeholders that GRAMIN COMPUTER EDUCATIN MISSION has emerged as one of the premier educational organizations in the country. Many of our institutions have achieved top positions in the country, in their respective fields. We have a well qualified and dedicated teaching faculty who provide all their efforts in bringing out talents in the students. In collaboration with the faculties, we have developed and implemented a number of innovative and responsive programmes, services and facilities that promote and support student learning both inside and outside the classroom. And which also reflect the variety of learning needs, experience, interest and cultures of different students coming from both, rural and urban areas.  

GCEM has proven to be a beacon of light to the ones who seek knowledge but are limited by lack of resources. We have made an effort to provide professional education in the rural areas of many a state, and in a very short time, have been able to establish a center of excellence with modern facilities of technological education. And though we had a humble beginning, we have been able to make a significant impact so far.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders - study centres, management, faculty, students and supporters - for their interest and participation in this mission.

My best wishes always with you.

Chairman's - Satish kamiya 

Contact Number - 8683863211

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